What Costs Are Involved With Training?

For our puppy and adult classes, a one-off payment is paid upfront for the course before your first week’s session. There are no additional charges throughout the duration of the course, though you may wish to purchase additional teaching aids and items made available from our trainers.

If you are interested in private, one-on-one training sessions, there is a charge for the initial consultation; when our trainer comes to meet you and your pet in your home environment. With this initial consultation, there is no obligation to use our services, however if you wish to sign up for sessions with our trainer, we charge on a rolling ‘pay as you go’ basis with an hourly rate charged for the sessions that you book.

For more information on the cost of classes and/or private training, please just get in touch.

How Long Will It Be Before I See Results?

This depends on what changes you would like to see in your dog, the degree of behavioural problems you are currently experiencing and what undesirable behaviours have previously been rewarded and reinforced. Some clients may only require one or two sessions to start seeing significant changes, whereas others might need several sessions.

Why Don’t You Believe in Punishing Dogs?

Dogs often do not understand why they are being punished. Without realising, we can make our pets fearful of us, and situations where we want them to be happy and confident.

Just like humans, dogs learn better in a calm environment where they are encouraged and shown how to do something correctly, rather than being punished when they don’t do something right. Our methods teach dogs what we would like them to do, with these learned behaviours staying with them for years.

Punishing dogs for displaying behaviours that we don’t like can often end up with these behaviours being suppressed when you are present but reappearing when you are not (such as digging) or these punished behaviours ceasing for a short period, but then returning at a later date, as the dog is unable to associate what aspects of their behaviour are wrong, or why they are being punished.

Would I Benefit From Doing a Class or Home Visit?

This totally depends on you and your dog and what would work best for you!

Our puppy and adult classes allow your dog to learn in a group environment. Classes are small to allow for individual attention, with no prior training required for either of you! Another benefit of attending group classes with your dog is that they receive socialisation with other dogs and people in a safe environment.

Not all dogs are suitable for group situations though, or you might not be able to commit to a weekly class, so you may find our private one-on-one training sessions are more suited to your needs.

Our private home visits allow us to see your dog’s home environment and provide training that is tailored specifically for you and your dog’s needs. Training sessions are held at your home, garden and/or an appropriate outdoor venue and there is no limit to the number and frequency of our sessions.

If I Reward Behaviours, Does This Mean I Have To Carry Treats With Me To Reward My Dog All The Time For The Rest of Their Life?

No, the beauty of our training method is that, through positive reinforcement, we teach our dogs what we want them to do and then once they understand, we can then just reward intermittently.

In the early stages of training, regular treating helps to build the association between behaviours and rewards. Once these behaviours have been learned however, we can just reward every so often to ensure that these desired behaviours continue.

What Happens if I Can’t Make A Class Or Need To Cancel My Session?

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