Cute dogPrivate ‘1-2-1’ Training

Not all dogs are suitable for a class/group situation, you might not be able to commit to weekly classes, or you may just feel more comfortable with our option for private, one-on-one training.

These private home visits are ideal as it allows us to see your dog’s home environment and help you work on management tools and training that are tailored specifically for you and your dog’s needs. Our training sessions can be held at your home, garden and/or an appropriate outdoor venue.

Every dog has a different personality and living environment, with a variety of prior learning/training, individual needs and owner expectations. By working with you and your dog privately in your own environment, we can identify training needs and issues more efficiently and start putting a plan of action into place straight away.

Private, one-on-one training is suitable for dogs and puppies of any age and can cover basic training or help you with specific training needs or behavioural issues.

How It Works

Before our trainer visits your home to meet you and your dog, you will need to complete our ‘Client Profile’ form. This provides our trainer with important information about your dog, their background and current behaviours, and allows us to design a training program tailored specifically to your needs.

Once the Client Profile form has been completed and returned to us, we can arrange a suitable time for our trainer to visit your home for an initial consultation.

This initial consultation lasts approximately one (1) hour and covers any behavioural problems that you are currently experiencing, as well as what you are hoping to achieve from our training sessions. It also allows our trainer to see the dog’s living environment, discuss management tools, how our dogs learn and start you off with the basics of our training methods.

From there we can book in follow-up sessions at a suitable time for you in order to continue the training required to help modify your dog’s behaviour. Follow-up sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or longer depending on your preferences. Regular sessions allow us to monitor how your current training is progressing and to start working on learning new skills.

The number of sessions required depends on the individual dog, the type of behavioural problems you would like help with and how you and your dog progress with the programme that we have set.

For more details, or to discuss your specific requirements, please get in touch at or ring 0422 414 499.