Our Methods

Dog Obedience TrainingThe Polite Dog specialises in Positive Behaviour training for your pet.

Positive reinforcement dog training uses positive actions, praise and rewards to teach your dog, rather than punishment or correctional actions. We believe in communicating with our dogs; positively reinforcing the behaviours that we want, rather than punishing them for behaviours that we don’t like.

We use positive reinforcement methods that are scientifically proven, based on how dogs learn. This type of training allows our dogs to feel confident and comfortable with both trainer and owner, as learning is fun and clear.

With this style of training, we help you to teach your dog to perform cues at the first time of asking, rather than you having to constantly repeat commands in order to get results; we have a “no nagging” policy! Dogs are opportunists and behaviours that bring them rewards will continue whilst behaviours that don’t, extinguish.

The key with this positive reinforcement training is to determine what will motivate your dog, and use this motivator as a reward upon correct performance. We can find what motivates your dog, be it treats, toys, interactive play, physical affection, verbal praise or a combination, and use this to reward your dog for correct behaviours.

With our positive training methods, your dog can enjoy their experience of training and learning new behaviours. Plus, with the reinforcement and conditioning involved with our positive approach to teaching both you and your pet, we can ensure that we are creating happy, confident dogs whose good behaviours can last a lifetime.

We help to teach puppies and adult dogs new and basic behaviours, as well as work on any existing behavioural problems that families might be experiencing with their pet.